Why Community?

Community...real community...starts with the people, not the place. One working definition of community we like is...

A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

In ecology, a community is a group of interdependent organisms. Note the word 'interdependent', whose definition is...

Of two or more people or things: dependent on each other.

For millennia people lived in tribes which were real communities. When the industrial revolution arrived, real community was relegated to be a thing of the past.

Until now...

Community Incubator will be the catalyst that brings back real community.

Below are a few links to articles about community. We encourage you to read them and then ask yourself the question "Should I be in community?"

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There is strong epidemiologic evidence that people with richer social networks and engagement have a reduced rate of cognitive decline as they age. Lisa F. Berkman, a professor and social epidemiologist at the Harvard School of Public Health, and other colleagues examined data from the Health and Retirement Study, which followed a nationally representative sample of nearly 17,000 subjects age 50 and older from 1998 to 2004. Subjects were cognitively assessed with a simple word-recall test at baseline and then at two-year intervals, and social integration was gauged by contact with family, friends and other social activities. The results showed that people with the highest level of social integration had less than half the decline in their cognitive function of the least socially active subjects. Also, the cognitive protective effects of socializing were greatest among subjects with fewer than 12 years of education. - excerpt from NYT article Can You Get Smarter?

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