Work That Reconnects Ecovillage

Most of us are looking to belong – to find our tribe, our community.  Back in the 60’s, the greater San Francisco Bay Area was the epicenter of intentional communities... aka communes.  Most all of them failed for one reason or another. Since then, many local Bay Area people have gone on to found communities and ecovillages in other parts of the USA, including The Farm Community, Twin Oaks, Dancing Rabbit, Lost Valley, and Ecovillage at Ithaca, among others.

For decades, local community founders have complained about the expense of land, restrictive zoning and various local and state regulations as major barriers to establishing intentional communities and ecovillages. That is now changing – witness the shared economy, tiny homes, urban farming, etc. Most importantly, thanks to the teachings of Joanna Macy and others, a growing number of people in the bay area have been learning that the industrial growth society with its emphasis upon hyper-individualism and competition is the single largest barrier of all to real community. People are realizing that they really do belong to one another, that we're all part of the web of life and that humans need to re-inhabit the earth in ways that are not destructive. This is all part of the Great Turning.

I have been working diligently for the past two years in trying to make a Bay Area ecovillage happen in both an urban and semi-rural setting and have been conducting workshops and information sessions throughout the bay area. I know that it starts with people, shared values, organization and governance, not land & finances.

I believe that having like-minded people who are familiar with and embrace the concepts and principals behind the Work That Reconnects, forming what I call 'the founders group' in creating an ecovillage, is foundational. It is my experience that people who are drawn to Joanna Macy, more often than not, have the requisite emotional maturity and willingness to cooperate that is required of an ecovillage.

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Sincerely yours,

Eric Christian